UNLV Hospitality Building Mural

Art Director/Designer: Raquel Van Nice


UNLV gave its world-renowned Harrah’s College of Hospitality a $60 million world-class facility. The 93,500 square-foot Hospitality Hall features a modern-industrial style interior and is designed to feel like you are in one of the properties on the Las Vegas Strip. In order to properly showcase how far hospitality has come within Las Vegas, the university commissioned a mural to be designed that blended photos from the library's historical archive and mid-century modern aesthetics to match the building's interior design.

CSDA_UNLV_Hospitality_011118_4238 (002).

Las Vegas is a city built on hospitality

and UNLV is the university to attend to start a thriving career in what the city is famous for. What better way to showcase the fun and excitement of a career in hospitality than highlighting Las Vegas's own history?

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