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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Feed Your Curiosity

Executive Creative Director: Rob Catalano
Creative Director: Bruce Logan

Art Director: Raquel Van Nice
Photographer/Director: Amber Gray

Dining is reinvented at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas with a one-of-a-kind restaurant collection featuring world-class flavors and authentic dining options by famed restaurateurs. From casual lunch spots to nightlife-infused dining experiences, the Restaurant Collection at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas features an array of unique culinary destinations from around the world. To advertise their varied and exciting collection of restaurants The Cosmopolitan requested a campaign that was in keeping with their Just the Right Amount of Wrong tagline and brand. Intended as a stylized vignette, rather than an advertisement for any specific restaurant, this concept, with its youthful attitude, is at once intimate, beguiling, and totally accessible. The line itself serves as a call to join in. To explore tastes and sights and experiences that can’t be had anywhere else, to be open to play, and to let curiosity exponentially expand—after all, the more you try, the more curious you become.

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