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John Deere Residential Line


Art Directors: Raquel Van Nice and Jessi Michelle Thomas

Copywriter: JP LeRoux

Account Planner: Sarah Louise Tyler


 What do you get when you take a talking deer and a Southern gentleman and give them a radio show? Well that's exactly what you find out within this campaign. Our objective? Create an alternative culture of suburban lawn enthusiasts who have the same brand allegiance to the residential line that is often associated with the brands commercial farming products. ​​The strategy? Make our audience realize that their house didn’t come with a lawn, it came with a lifestyle. Our creative Idea: create a world where people live and breathe lawn care.​ Our support for this campaign idea relies on John Deere's established history of reliable products and our appreciation of a hard-work ethic that resonates with Middle America suburban lawnscapers.

TV Spots
The central hub for John + Deere Radio Show's Facebook page, radio shows, Twitter feed, and YouTube page.

Cinematographer: Michael Sandridge
John: Nick Kemp
Voice of Deere: JP LeRoux

Title: Gambling Problem

60 sec spot


John is surprised to hear of Deere's gambling problem.

Title: Deercist

60 sec spot


John jumps to a conclusion about Deere.

Title: Lawn Porn

60 sec spot


Deere get curious about John's vices.


Photographer: Chris MacArthur

MUA: Katie Winton-Henry

Photo Retouching: Raquel Van Nice

Part of the campaign included creating a full 38 page magazine which features articles, advertisements, and a photography spread centered around everyone's favorite ground cover: grass.
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