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Maryland Live! Casino

Creative Director: Doug Hentges

Art Director: Raquel Van Nice

There's a basic formula to casino advertisements. Show happy people tossing dice, spinning reels, highing fives, slap a logo on it and call it an ad. Always selling the experience but never the dream, completely forgetting what makes that experience even worthwhile. Until now.


We're selling the dream—and that includes all the crazy stuff people buy when they win an absurd amount of money. Here, it’s not a matter of IF you’ll win, that's already a given. We're getting people to think about how they’d spend their winnings. And whether that would be on a jetpack or a one person helicopter, we won’t judge. We're just here to make it happen. 

To keep the imaginations stirred we upped the promotion game as well. Noticing an over-saturation of Jeep giveaway promotions amongst casinos we decided to give our guests a chance to win the things they didn't even know they wanted yet. For the price we would have spent on one Jeep we can offer 3 zero gravity flights instead. Or if that's not your thing maybe having a butler for a year is? Either way, these promotions are sure to garner more attention than another car giveaway. 
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