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Art Directors: Raquel Van Nice and Kenny Chan

Director of Photography: Jeremy Parsons

Grip: Andy Hoffman

Actors: Angela Mae and Vegas J. Jenkins


 A couple of student spec television spots from 2011 created to distinguish OKCupid from the plethora of other dating websites, while maintaining the fun playful tone that is featured throughout the website. Our strategy was to focus on OKCupid's unique user base. OKCupid is the dating website for the freaks and geeks and nerds with quirks—those looking for a match to their passions and interests. Compatibility should be as unique as the person looking for a match. Our support? OKCupid matches it’s users on various levels of taste and interests (i.e. kinkiness and being “old-fashioned”). These compatibility rankings are also partially user generated.

"Clowning Around: Daytime"
30 sec spot
"Clowning Around: Evening"
30 sec spot
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