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The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Executive Creative Director: Rob Catalano
Creative Director: Mike Lawrence

Art Director: Raquel Van Nice
Photographer: Tony Duran


With an already stellar history of provocative and inspired advertising, our agency was tasked with carrying on the established branding and tagline "Just the Right Amount of Wrong" for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The endeavor of finding the perfect balance of naughty but classy and sexy but sophisticated was simultaneously engaging and challenging—all which make for the best creative output.

The Cosmopolitan
"The Staircase" 

A woman sits in the middle of a staircase. Around her, pairs of legs and feet hurry to their destinations. Like a stone in a stream, they step around her and she is unfazed by their activity. Instead she is fixated on what is in her hand—a large double scoop ice cream cone.


Half-dressed for the evening ahead, a beautiful woman looks out onto the building across the way with a pair of binoculars. Her spying is interrupted as she suddenly takes notice that she is also being watched by a guest in her room.

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